Friday, November 2, 2012


     From October 31st through the first week of November, many cultures remember their ancestors and their deceased loved ones. Some people claim that the veil between this world and the other is thin, and we are close to those who have departed. In Gaelic cultures, this is the time of Samhaim. Christianity observes the Feast of All Saints and All Soul's Day. In Mexico, the Dia De Los Muertos is observed. All of  these celebrations are a communal time of remembering our ancestors. Our family stories have survived because of these observances.
     Consider reviving these ancient customs in your family. A new family custom could be a trip to the cemetery, attending a church service, or a special time after dinner to tell family stories and to reminisce. Maybe schedule a "cousin's lunch" once a year during the first week of November to catch up with relatives and exchange stories and news?